North East Leadership Board: Background information and papers

The North East Leadership Board (Leadership Board) is the strategic decision-making body of the Combined Authority, responsible for a number of transport functions and economic development and growth. It is comprised of the six Leaders and the Elected Mayor, plus the Chair of the North East Local Enterprise Partnership.

The Leadership Board exercises statutory functions and general powers relating to economic development and growth, economic conditions and transport. It aims to achieve a number of key improvements across the area, including the effectiveness and efficiency of transport infrastructure and public transport.

Please note, minutes of committee meetings form part of the agenda pack for the next ordinary meeting. This is because minutes are  submitted to the next ordinary meeting for approval and are, therefore, on the agenda for that meeting.

Dates of Scheduled Meetings in the Municipal Year 2017/18, all at 2pm:
20 June 2017 (Annual Meeting) at North Tyneside Council
18 July 2017 at South Tyneside Council
19 September 2017 at Gateshead Council
21 November 2017 at South Tyneside Council
16 January 2018 at Gateshead Council
20 March 2018 at South Tyneside Council
19 June 2018 (Annual Meeting) at South Tyneside Council

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