What do we do?

The Combined Authority has a leading role to play working closely with the Local Enterprise Partnership in creating the conditions for economic growth and new investment. We are firmly committed to collaboration within the combined area but also with neighbours in Tees Valley and elsewhere on key issues such as transport.

Our role in transport and skills is critical in supporting a growing economy and workforce and our co-ordination of investment in our economic infrastructure helps to ensure that the area can attract new investment and people.

For the first time there is one organisation with responsibility for strategic transport for all seven local authority areas.

We are putting in place measures aimed at improving opportunities for local people to find jobs and to access training opportunities to gain the skills they need.

Working in partnership enables us to better share and prioritise resources, assets and funding and to ensure that they are used to deliver sustainable economic growth.  Investment decisions taken by the Combined Authority will fully reflect business views ensuring that public investment is targeted to maximise business benefit, which is key to economic growth. The Combined Authority provides the formal accountability arrangements for the Local Enterprise Partnership.

The Combined Authority will not replace the existing local authorities, individual councils remain the best organisations to deliver the vast majority of services for our communities.